MageBinary backs The Good Registry Pro-bono

17 Nov 2022

Introducing The Good Registry. A social enterprise: a business, with a social-good purpose at their heart. Existing to simplify giving and do good. That goodness is two fold: as well as helping good causes, They help to reduce waste. MageBinary are so proud to partner and support The Good Registry with all of their technology needs. Having partnered with them for a while now, we thought it was a good time to catch-up with co-founder and Chief of Good, Christine Langdon.

Christine Langdon
CE & Chief of Good.
Christine Langdon
Tracey Bridges
Tracey Bridges
Sue McCabe
Sue McCabe
Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your organization.
I’m a co-founder and Chief of Good at The Good Registry. The Good Registry is a website that takes the waste out of gift-giving and replaces it with kindness - by giving people simple ways to donate to their favourite causes in lieu of physical gifts.
Q2. Could you share a bit more about your background and what brought you to start this organisation?
My background is in media and communications, and before starting The Good Registry, I’d been very drawn to doing voluntary work and to jobs that enabled me to give back. I enjoy giving back - it makes me happy! - and The Good Registry was a way that I could amplify that for myself and give others the joy of giving too. I’m also very conscious that the planet can’t sustain humans at the rate that we are consuming, and The Good Registry gives people a way that we can still celebrate special occasions without adding pressure on the planet associated with gift production, packaging, wrapping, transportation and disposal, often for things like Secret Santa gifts or corporate gifts that may never be used
Q3. How were you introduced to MageBinary?
We were introduced through our mutual friends at Sprout NZ - we’d told them that the costs of running our website were a barrier for us; we wanted to be able to make some improvements to our website so that we could increase our impact, but as a start-up social enterprise we have very limited revenue to do that with. They said they might know some good people who could help, and it turned out that they did! They introduced us to Adel, and we really liked him and his ethos, and we were hugely grateful that he offered to work with us pro-bono. It has made a world of difference!
Q4. What was it like before you had our services?
Before we had the gift of pro-bono services from MageBinary, we simply couldn’t afford to make improvements to our website. When things needed to be fixed, it was often a big hit to our bottom line, and when we wanted to make improvements, we had to put those on a ‘wish-list’ for a day when the business case was strong enough, revenue was strong enough and/or we could get some external funding or support.
Q5. What did you aim to achieve with our services?
Our aim was to make our platform more user friendly, to make it easier for people to give to us, and to enjoy that so that they’d recommend The Good Registry to others and keep coming back themselves - ultimately so we can keep doing more good, give more people the joy of giving, raise more funds for good causes, and take the waste out of gift-giving.
Q6. What made you happiest about working with our company?
We love that the team at MageBinary cares about making the world a better place as much as we do.
Q7. What made you happiest about working with our company?
As above - We love that the team at MageBinary care about making the world a better place as much as we do. We love working with others who share our values and that’s definitely the case with MageBinary. We hugely appreciate that MageBinary provides services to us pro-bono - it means we can do so much more than we could otherwise, and it is a great demonstration of what a conscious and kind business MageBinary is.
Q8. What have you been able to achieve since using our services?
We’ve been able to make the user experience on our website so much better thanks to MageBinary, and we hope that we can continue to improve that over time! We’re able to get small fixes made really quickly, and it’s great that we can get those fixes made without having to worry about the cost. We’ve also been able to try out some new things, like adding a new voting tool for corporate charitable giving, which we hope will mean more businesses with smaller giving budgets can give through The Good Registry - and we hope we can keep trying out more new things over time too!
Q9. Would you recommend our business to other people or businesses?
Q10. What would you tell someone who's considering our business?
MageBinary is a values-driven company and it’s walking the talk on its values by helping good causes, including The Good Registry and all of our charity partners. They really care - and that’s important!

Check out The Good Registry and their incredible efforts here: